Decision Support Consulting

since 1996

Mission Statement:

We provide program evaluation consulting services for corporate and government customers to assist them in their decision making and to solve performance issues.

Evaluation Services:

Program Evaluation

WFPA provides a full range of evaluation services. These include the evaluation project design, data collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, report writing and recommendations for improvements and cost savings. WFPA performs several types of program evaluations. These include Training Evaluation, Employee and Customer Satisfaction Studies, and Total Quality Management and Productivity Improvement reviews.

Training Evaluations

WFPA provides complete training evaluation services. In addition to the application of Kirkpatrick’s model on the four levels of training, WFPA also provides needs analysis, audience analysis, program design and development reviews.

Distance Education


Performance Support Systems

In addition to traditional classroom based education, WFPA provides design and review services on all forms of distance education and performance support systems.

Employee Satisfaction

WFPA uses both survey and focus group techniques to gather information about the satisfaction of employees on a number of issues. Data collection is structured to examine key points management is willing and able to act upon.

Customer Satisfaction


Market Research

Using Delivering Quality Service techniques, WFPA collects and analyzes data to help improve customer satisfaction in the areas of Responsiveness, Reliability, Assurance, Empathy, and Tangibles.

Total Quality Management


Productivity Improvement

WFPA provides reviews and recommendations for improvement on TQM systems and Productivity Improvement systems. In addition, WFPA provides TQM audit services on Training and HR TQM programs and supplier audits on vendors for training programs.